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We are one of Long Island’s leading landscape lighting installers. Our goal is to help with all your lighting and landscaping needs. We have served Long Island for 20 years; designing, creating, and lighting beautiful landscapes all across Nassau and Suffolk County.

We specialize in Residential and Commercial landscape & Holiday lighting, we use only the best low voltage LED fixtures for all your landscape needs. Our fixtures are made from the highest quality copper and brass. Our fixtures and bulbs come with a lifetime warranty. THAT’S CORRECT, our LED bulbs have a Lifetime Warranty. In addition, our landscape fixtures have a Lifetime Warranty that covers any and all equipment failure, no questions asked.

Please call us if you are considering installing, or updating your outdoor lighting. If you have an existing landscape lighting system that needs replacement, we can modernize it with new cost-efficient fixtures. We can even convert your old landscape lighting system to a new energy efficient low voltage LED lighting system.

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